Audiobooks, yay or nay?

Audiobooks are quickly becoming the most fashionable trend in books, and honestly, we can’t blame them! They’re brilliant. The only downside to audiobooks is that they don’t give us that toe-curling smell of, well, books. Luckily, they have a whole load of good points!

Write because you love writing not because you want to be a millionaire

One of the most frustrating things for best-selling authors and publishers alike is many authors only writing for a career. There are countless blogs and articles written by famous authors that say writing should happen as a hobby or passion, not to pay the bills, and if it turns into a career, that is a fantastic plus!

How to nail a radio interview!

Radio interviews can be a great promotion for your book and yourself as the author. Keep this helpful list of interview tips nearby and you’ll be glad you did!

Does an author really need a website?

There are a few ways to set up your website. So, before advising what to put on your website, we’ll help you start it off.

From Local to Global – Making the most of being a local author

If you are not an established author, you will have to work your way up to be recognised as a best selling author. The sense of achievement is much dearer when you’ve dedicated to achieving success. We share with you a secret recipe in you being recognised from local to global.

A guide to filling out the author questionnaire.

One of the first things we send once your contract is signed is an author questionnaire from the marketing department.  This may seem like a simple Q&A – but really it’s the basis of your entire marketing outline plan. We receive lots of questions about it, and we sometimes receive some very blank forms. So, we thought we’d do a step by step guide on completing it.