Self-Care and Finding Yourself whilst Isolating at Home

Now that we’re all in this pandemic together and are spending our time at home, it is the perfect opportunity to be kind to yourself and get to know you!

Why Writers on Lockdown are Staying Positive During the Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic has crippled many people and businesses. Yet, authors are staying calm and mindful? Why? With all the bad news, let’s think of some positives. Here are some good things to come out of self-isolation for authors!

How to promote a children’s book!

If you have just written a children’s book and are looking to self-publishing or publish with a publishing house, this one is for you! 

Sizes and Finishes of books – do they matter?

Books do not just vary in genre, covers and message – they also vary in sizes and finishes! Particularly for kids’ books. The question is, does size matter?

What are Royalties?

We often are asked questions from authors and submission about royalties. When are royalties paid? How much of a royalty do authors get? Let’s start what are royalties are, shall we!

How to promote your book as the author!

Read any blog written by a publisher or published authors and they will say the same thing about publicity and marketing for your book. Your publisher will always do all they can, but the authors needs to play some part too.