About us

For almost twenty years, Olympia Publishers have provided support, help and advice about publishing books to our own authors. From their feedback, we realised just how much we were able to help our authors and elevate the success they gained by following, often, simple tips. Educating and helping our authors to succeed is deep-rooted in our culture. Naturally, we knew we needed to do more. This is when Olympia Author Hub was born - a haven for authors and writers. Olympia Author Hub is a website dedicated to all authors and writers around the world. You can access free information and advice from industry experts to help improve your writing career. Here is a glimpse of the topics covered:

  • Inspiration for authors
  • Tips for getting your book published
  • Education and mentoring
  • Regular articles written by professionals from the publishing industry
  • Success stories, first hand experience and advice from published authors
  • Knowledge  and tips from industry expert 
  • Video Guides


Of course, there is much more!

Welcome to Olympia Author Hub, helping you to become a successful author.