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Can Publishers Ever Guarantee Sales?

We are often asked by new authors or people interested in writing a book if a publishing house can ever guarantee sales? The short answer is no. Publishing houses main goal is to sell books, so naturally they will put steps into place to encourage sales…

All you need to know about eBooks

eBooks are a great way to read on the go nowadays – kindles are becoming popular for a lot of avid readers. Some authors choose to just publish as an eBook, but many prefer to have an eBook alongside a paperback.

When are audiobooks considered for first time authors?

Audiobooks can be a great asset to popular books, many books in the charts will likely have an audiobook in the works or already live. So, when are audiobooks considered?

An Author’s Guide to Wholesalers

We often receive questions asking how wholesalers distribute and stock books, so… we figured we would put all commonly asked questions in one easy to read article!

How has COVID impacted the book industry?

The last year and a half has been a very challenging time for many people and businesses. The publishing industry has faced its own difficulties during the pandemic. We would like to reflect on the obstacles we have faced and are still struggling with and tell you what we are currently doing to help the industry issues.

How to apply for PLR

We are often asked questions about PLR, why it’s important to apply and how to apply. We decided to compile a list of our most commonly asked questions and answer them.

How to get your book published

How to get published

Understanding how the publishing industry works will help you in taking the right steps in order to get your book published.

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Olympia Publishers publishing process

Our publishing process will show you how it works at Olympia Publishers. You can learn how the process works before you submit your manuscript to us.

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Helpful articles

Whether you are considering publishing a book, in the process of publishing a book or just have general questions to do with the publishing process – we have a wide range of useful articles on this topic for you.

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Author stories

Susan Westwood – I used to make up stories for my grandchildren and that is when I decided to submit one of my stories

Before I became a published author, I was an administrator for many years in the care industry.

Jonathan Stanyer | I always dreamed about being a successful writer.

I was particularly encouraged at junior and middle school to develop my response to ideas but my poor handwriting was often a hindrance to being understood.

J. L. Engel – I hope my novel inspires my daughter to pursue whatever she may become passionate about

We recently had the pleasure of talking to our author, Jeremy Engel – author of the new crime/thriller – A Dangerous Man. 

We asked him some questions about how he started writing, why he chose to write a thriller and if he has any aspirations to write another book! 

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