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Fantasy: A Not-So-Catch-All Guide on How to Write It

Through the winter months, us at Olympia Author Hub went into a deep and restorative hibernation – planning our posts and reading our books. Finally, we’ve emerged on the other side, springing into a new-found desire to help the authors who need inspiration in their writings. The biggest thing in fiction writing now is a […]

Horror: A Not-So-Catch-All Guide on How to Write It

Fall has fallen (That one sounded better before we wrote it out), the air is cooler, nights are longer and everything’s just that little bit spookier. It’s a great time to sit down and read some horror literature, and if you know your way around language and storytelling, it can be a great time to write some, too. Let’s examine how you can craft yourself a good horror story, and hopefully avoid pitfalls. 

First Impressions Count: How to Write a Great First Chapter

It’s fairly critical that you make a great impression in your very first chapter, and we wanted to share some tips and tricks to help you on your way.

Seasonal Affective Disorder & Productivity

If you’re a writer, you might find yourself picking up your pen or typing on your laptop far less than you usually do. Ideas and inspiration might elude you, and writing a single page will feel like a Herculean task. We’ve been there. We wanted to share some tips today on how to get around this issue.

A Recipe for a Good Synopsis

We’re coming at you today with some useful insight into the publishing process; how exactly do you write a synopsis that will catch the attention of a publisher? We’ll show you how!

Tips for Budding Young Writers

For those young folks among you who are penning fiction, or poetry, or anything at all, this article is intended for you. We hope to illuminate some ways for you to hone your craft and get yourself out there as a budding author.

How to get your book published

How to get published

Understanding how the publishing industry works will help you in taking the right steps in order to get your book published.

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Olympia Publishers publishing process

Our publishing process will show you how it works at Olympia Publishers. You can learn how the process works before you submit your manuscript to us.

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Whether you are considering publishing a book, in the process of publishing a book or just have general questions to do with the publishing process – we have a wide range of useful articles on this topic for you.

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Author stories

Susan Westwood – I used to make up stories for my grandchildren and that is when I decided to submit one of my stories

Before I became a published author, I was an administrator for many years in the care industry.

Jonathan Stanyer | I always dreamed about being a successful writer.

I was particularly encouraged at junior and middle school to develop my response to ideas but my poor handwriting was often a hindrance to being understood.

J. L. Engel – I hope my novel inspires my daughter to pursue whatever she may become passionate about

We recently had the pleasure of talking to our author, Jeremy Engel – author of the new crime/thriller – A Dangerous Man. 

We asked him some questions about how he started writing, why he chose to write a thriller and if he has any aspirations to write another book! 

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