Industry Insight

Can Publishers Ever Guarantee Sales?

We are often asked by new authors or people interested in writing a book if a publishing house can ever guarantee sales? The short answer is no. Publishing houses main goal is to sell books, so naturally they will put steps into place to encourage sales…

When are audiobooks considered for first time authors?

Audiobooks can be a great asset to popular books, many books in the charts will likely have an audiobook in the works or already live. So, when are audiobooks considered?

How has COVID impacted the book industry?

The last year and a half has been a very challenging time for many people and businesses. The publishing industry has faced its own difficulties during the pandemic. We would like to reflect on the obstacles we have faced and are still struggling with and tell you what we are currently doing to help the industry issues.

Film and Tv – what publishers and authors can do?

How common is it to have a book turn into a film? Is this something publishers help with? Have a look at this article for some answers to some commonly asked questions about books and films.

Virtual Launches and Workshops | Video Conferencing Apps

If you’re looking to have a virtual book launch or workshop, first read our advice on the technology itself, below.

Questions to ask your editor before you sign your publishing contract

We all know how exciting publishing is! When you get an offer of publishing, you may find yourself so elated you can’t wait to sign and start the process, but hold your horses – there are some questions you should consider asking before you sign, so you know how the publishing process works.