Industry Insight

Copycats and Copyright: The Intricacies of Copyright Infringement

Plagiarism. Copyright infringement. The ever-present threats that stalks the recesses of publishers’ and authors’ minds like ravening wolves.
Okay, we’re being dramatic for the sake of intrigue, but today we wanted to examine and talk about plagiarism and copyright infringement, how it affects both authors and publishers, and how to prevent it from becoming an issue.

Artificial Intelligence and the Publishing Industry

We’ve had an influx of authors enquiring about how AI may play a role in the publishing industry as we roll (or are dragged kicking and screaming) into the future, and today we thought we’d take the time to explore that topic.

Understanding ISBN Numbers

Ahh yes, the ISBN. The DNA fingerprint of the literary world. In today’s article, we’re going to demystify the ISBN for any budding authors, or any curious readers who have skimmed past the popular acronym whilst window-shopping for new books on Amazon.

Can Publishers Ever Guarantee Sales?

The main goal of a publishing house is to sell books, so naturally they will put steps in to place to encourage sales. As much as publishers would like every book to go on to sell very well, unfortunately this does not always happen.

When Are Audiobooks Considered for First Time Authors?

Audiobooks can be a great asset to popular books, many books in the charts will likely have an audiobook in the works or already live. So, when are audiobooks considered?

How Has COVID Impacted the Book Industry?

The last year and a half has been a very challenging time for many people and businesses. The publishing industry has faced its own difficulties during the pandemic. We would like to reflect on the obstacles we have faced and are still struggling with and tell you what we are currently doing to help the industry issues.