Book Reviewers- What to Expect

A great way to seek out exposure as a new author is by contacting book reviewers. Sometimes, you might be so lucky as to receive a review organically, from someone who has picked up your book on a whim and decided to take to Goodreads to give it a rating, however you should be proactive and seek them out too!

Your publisher will also lend a helping hand and contact reviewers as well, however there are certainly things to consider when you are reaching out. Let’s have a look at what you should expect!

#1: A Friendly Approach

When reaching out to reviewers, it is important to remember that they are, well, people. Your interactions with them may ultimately be transactional, however it is important to treat them with respect when you are in correspondence with them. A friendly, animated email or message as opposed to a “Hi. Please review my book.” is ideal. Such an impression will likely mean that you’ll be able to collaborate with them again in the future!

#2: Don’t Necessarily Expect a Response

For some book reviewers, especially those who are influencers with TikTok or YouTube followings, reviewing books is their job, or at least part of it. The bigger the following, the more likely it is that you might find that your emails go unanswered.

#3: Don’t Expect a Positive Review… Unfortunately

When you get in contact with a reviewer who agrees to review your book, you are opening yourself up to analysis, criticism, praise, the whole spectrum. Book reviewers do tend to be honest, and just because you have piqued their interest does not mean that you’re going to get five stars and a shower of compliments for your work. There is a distinct possibility that the reviewer may not take to your book, and as a result, you should brace for a humbling experience.

This is certainly something to take into account if you find that your book gains traction. Reviews vary from over-the-top praise, to pleasant, to constructive, to very mean. Just have a look at a review of one of your favourite author’s books on Goodreads. It can be vicious.


14 Jul 2023