Publishing process

A Recipe for a Good Synopsis

We’re coming at you today with some useful insight into the publishing process; how exactly do you write a synopsis that will catch the attention of a publisher? We’ll show you how!

Understanding Publishing Deals

In the world of publishing, the way in which your book is published is never as black-and-white as simply “getting published”. There are several different publishing deals that you might find yourself being offered as you advance into your career, and today we wanted to break some of these down. For first-time authors, the world of publishing can be kind of mystical and largely unexplained, so we hope that this article can help demystify it somewhat.

Should you Record an Audiobook?

One question that we often receive from authors is “Should I have an audiobook recorded?”, “Can I have an audiobook made?”. It’s a very valid question indeed, and today we thought we’d address this question, delving into the popularity of audiobooks, how to approach getting one made, and what to expect.

Should You Opt for Professional Editing?

Today’s question is simple; should you as an author pay for professional editing? The short answer is yes.

Tips for Submitting to a Publisher

We receive submissions in all shapes and sizes with all manner of quirks, some in an absolutely ideal state, and some in a much less-than-ideal state. Today, we thought we’d outline some fairly critical things to bear in mind whilst submitting a manuscript to a publisher.

P.S.A Regarding a Recent Scam

Through an influx of recent messages to the Olympia Author Hub social media accounts, we have been made aware of a phishing scheme that has been circulating. Please read this article to make yourself aware of this.