A Brief Guide to Facebook for Authors

In the final instalment of our social media series, we’re going to take a look at Facebook, and how to use it as an author.

Facebook may not quite have the same sway as TikTok or Instagram, but it’s still very much a key player in the online world, and setting up a business profile will certainly help more than hinder.

So, let’s get into how you can use the platform as an author.

A Brief Guide to Twitter for Authors

We are back with a new instalment in our social media mini-series. Today; Twitter. Well, it’s not really Twitter anymore. But it also is. But it isn’t.

Names aside, the platform operates largely the way it always has, and today we are going to examine how to get the most of it as an emerging author.

A Brief Guide to Instagram for Authors

Instagram is a popular platform for personal use and business use alike!

How do you use Instagram as an author, though? Let’s get into it!

A Brief Guide to BookTok

Do we as publishers recommend that authors get on TikTok? We absolutely do. But where do you start?

Book Reviewers- What to Expect

A great way to seek out exposure as a new author is by contacting book reviewers. Sometimes, you might be so lucky as to receive a review organically, from someone who has picked up your book on a whim and decided to take to Goodreads to give it a rating, however you should be proactive and seek them out too!

How Important is Self-Marketing?

Now that you’re out in the world as a published author, you are faced with a new challenge; making a name for yourself. Marketing. Social media campaigns. Events. Signings. How much does that stuff matter, and how much should you be investing in it?