A Brief Guide to Instagram for Authors

We’ve covered TikTok, and now we’re advancing on to a different platform (that seems to share more in common with TikTok every day); Instagram! Instagram has been around for a long while, and it has metamorphosed again and again. Generally, these drastic changes have actually made the platform very hospitable for businesses and professionals seeking to promote their work. Big and small companies have Instagram pages, celebrities have Instagram pages, music producers, visual artists, and of course, authors.

How do you use Instagram as an author, though? Let’s get into it!

#1: Know Your Hashtags

Post visibility is key (duh), and one of the best ways to make your posts visible to people who don’t follow you is to use hashtags, but not just any old hashtag. Hashtagging “author”, “books” etc. is fine but far too general. There are some Instagram-indigenous hashtags that are great to use.

Here’s a little cheat sheet:

#2: Get a Theme Going

Despite how far it may advance from its simple beginnings, Instagram will always be an app that prioritises photos, and consequently, things that are aesthetically pleasing. It can be really important to be mindful of the quality of the videos and photos that are posted. This is especially true on Instagram because once someone visits your profile, they can see everything you have posted in one place. If it looks messy and incongruous, people are more likely to be turned off. Treat your feed like a big jigsaw puzzle.

#3: Fine Tune Your Bio

Before anyone sees your feed when they click on your profile, the first thing they will see is your bio. It is of paramount importance to create a bio that draws your reader in. Address your desired demographic and establish the genre(s) you write in with the first sentence. Make sure you include links to your website and other socials too; Linktree is a fantastic tool to keep all your links in one place.

#4: Be Mindful of What You Post

Try to capture the most important stuff on your Instagram feed. Remember, this is not a personal account! It’s fine to share less business-y stuff, but relegate that to the Instagram stories. As an author, consider posting the following to your Instagram feed; promotional banners/graphics, event photos and teasers for new things you are working on! #5: Engage with Others! This is a universal rule when it comes to social accounts. Follow other authors, comment on their posts, get to know them and their work! There is quite a community of writers online, and it is very beneficial to interact with them. How to Use Twitter as an Author We are back with a new instalment in our social media mini-series. Today; Twitter. Well, it’s not really Twitter anymore. But it also is. But it isn’t. Names aside, the platform operates largely the way it always has, and today we are going to examine how to get the most of it as an emerging author.

17 Aug 2023