Questions to ask your editor before you sign your publishing contract

We all know how exciting publishing is! When you get an offer of publishing, you may find yourself so elated you can’t wait to sign and start the process, but hold your horses – there are some questions you should consider asking before you sign, so you know how the publishing process works.

Why writing during the pandemic has been so important…

There has been a surge in online writing courses and book sales during the pandemic. Not only is this great news for the creative industry, but scientists also say that writing is actually good for us! Here are some of the benefits of writing…

How to Get Organised for 2021 – Tips for Writers and Authors

We’re three weeks into 2021 and already it has proven to be very challenging for most. Many of us don’t want to hear about new year’s resolutions, a new gym routine or the trendiest diet for this year.   Instead, we’re offering some easy-to-follow advice on how to organise your writing and schedule for this […]

Can a busy person write a book? How to work around your lifestyle to make time for your writing

We often speak to aspiring writers or speak to interesting characters, usually the thought of writing a novel has crossed their minds, but a big problem they haven’t been able to work around is their lifestyle and schedule. So, here are a few tips on how to make time to write!

Taking critique. Should you?

Just like any creative industry, you get your down-to-earth authors and you get your ego-authors. What we mean by ego is people who believe their works is 100% perfect, which, news flash – no authors, no singer, no publisher basically no person, is 100% perfect. Most can take advice, some can’t. The question is, should authors take critique?

Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore | Guest Post

To keep spirits high, our author, Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore has written a light-hearted lyrics to share with our audience. We hope you all enjoy!