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Virtual Launches and Workshops | Video Conferencing Apps

If you’re looking to have a virtual book launch or workshop, first read our advice on the technology itself, below.

Questions to ask your editor before you sign your publishing contract

We all know how exciting publishing is! When you get an offer of publishing, you may find yourself so elated you can’t wait to sign and start the process, but hold your horses – there are some questions you should consider asking before you sign, so you know how the publishing process works.

Introducing… Our Commissioning Editor

Meet James Houghton, Commissioning Editor as Olympia Publishers, our parent company. We had the pleasure of asking James a few questions about his role as an Editor, read on to see the full interview. 

Easy Bookish Resolutions for 2021

No-one is sure what 2021 will bring, due to this, many of us are hesitating to make resolutions. That being said, bookish resolutions can be small challenges that are fun and more manageable!

How to: Virtual Book Launch

Many publishers and authors have turned to virtual book launches as a safe but fun option to launch newly released books. A question we receive a lot is: how do you throw a virtual book launch?

Have a change of scenery by reading outdoors

With lockdown slowly easing, we are now being encouraged to go outside a little more. Many of us have been stuck inside reading for months, so here are some new suggestions on where you can safely read with a change of scenery.