When are audiobooks considered for first time authors?

Audiobooks can be a great asset to popular books, many books in the charts will likely have an audiobook in the works or already live. So, when are audiobooks considered?


Audiobooks are usually only considered when the book has been out for 12 months


We only consider books after a year because releasing everything all at once it sometimes too much in one go. We have the release of the paperback and eBook to be an asset to the book, we tend to release audiobooks afterwards as it can also give a new lease of life to popular books.


The book needs to show some substantial sales


Audiobooks are only considered when the book is already showing good/hopeful sales. This is because there is a lot of work to audiobooks, based on previous experience, we have found that books that have not sold as well as we hoped and are then made an audiobook, rarely sell any more than they would do without one.



Children’s books are hard to turn into an audiobook


What do we all remember from children’s books? Pictures. When there is an audiobook there are no pictures, so it can be very difficult to make them work. Instead, a short video on YouTube to showcase the illustrations works a lot better.

02 Feb 2022