Can Publishers Ever Guarantee Sales?

We are often asked by new authors or people interested in writing a book if a publishing house can ever guarantee sales? The short answer is no. Publishing houses main goal is to sell books, so naturally they will put steps in to place to encourage sales – but as much as publishers would like every book to go on to sell very well, this sadly does not always happen.

As well as sales, other factors can not always be guaranteed:


  • Not all bookshops will choose to stock the book, this is usually a matter of space on the shelves, if they think the book will sell well in their shop and if the genre is something they are looking for.


  • Book reviewers giving a high rating – as much as authors and publishers alike would love every book to get a 5 star review, this does not always happen. Also – book reviewers will not always say yes to reviewing every book.


So what can authors do to assist publishing houses in selling their book? Social media, social media social media! If you do not have active socials, it is very unlikely for a new book by an unknown author to sell. We would also recommend taking a look at our other articles on author hub to help – we have specialised articles written for certain genres of books to assist you marketing your book.

29 Mar 2022