How to promote a children’s book!

If you have just written a children’s book and are looking to self-publish or publish with a publishing house, this one is for you! 



Promoting children’s books can be difficult. Whilst they are one of the best-selling genres of books, there are so many out there that it can be hard for it to stand out. The first thing to think about is who your audience is = children. And where do children spend most of their time = schools. Schools are the obvious choice for children’s authors, especially if you’re an unknown author. These are our tips to start off marketing or promoting a children’s book!



  • Plan a workshop 


The first thing to do is plan what you would do at a school. Usually, a reading of your book is the first step, then some time for questions. You can maybe ask your publisher or agent to help you with getting some black and white print outs of some characters in your book to be coloured in. Or simply ask the children to draw their favourite character. If your book is centred around a topic such as global warming, animals or social topics, maybe plan a fun PowerPoint with some educational and fun slides – don’t forget to add lots of pictures, and bold colours as you’re talking to children! There are so many things you can do for a workshop, pick what is right for you.



  • Approach local schools


Your best chance of being accepted when you’re first released is in your local town or city. Many establishments are happy to support their local community, that means you! (For more info about making the most of being a local author, check out another article we wrote here). Write to your local primary schools and see if they would be interested in a reading/storytime or a workshop.



  • Pay attention to bookshop and library events


Many bookshops and libraries hold events for children, have a look what is going on locally, usually on their website’s events section there will be a list of what is coming up in the coming months. If any suit you or you feel you could contribute, pop them over an email or ask your publisher to contact them.



  • Attend book festivals or fairs. 


See if any are in your area, again – ask your publisher to email or email yourself and then get yourself a place! Bring some books and publicity material with you and you’ll find you’ll meet a lot of people and begin a buzz!



  • Encourage friends and family to leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon 


One thing that helps authors to climb up the charts are good reviews. Goodreads and Amazon are a good place to go to. If you know of any friends and family who have bought your book, ask them to leave a review, it will really help you out!


20 Mar 2020