From Local to Global – Making the most of being a local author

Your book is published and now you’d like a review in one of the leading newspapers or perhaps have the editor of a magazine to write a review about your book. Although this would be great, it is not quite as simple as that.


If you are not an established author, you will have to work your way up to be recognised as a best selling author. The sense of achievement is much dearer when you’ve dedicated to achieving success. We share with you a secret recipe in you being recognised from local to global.


Most authors we work with can be hesitant to walk into their local bookshop. We understand! It can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time there! We often find wonderful results in the local areas for authors – especially when the author has gone in themselves. We would, ideally, love to go into every shop ourselves. But, as some authors of ours live in Australia, some in India, some in America and some in Cornwall. It’s quite a journey for us when for the author, it’s a quick detour on an already planned out trip to town.


  • Local people WANT to read books written by a local author. It makes us proud to read what people who know, or who we know of, have written! The more you can spread your work around locally, the closer you’ll get to make it across the world!


  • Signings are more likely. Debut authors can find it hard to get a signing due to them being a new name and there not being a huge crowd lining up to buy their book just yet. A local signing is a great start as you’re more likely to bring a crowd. Book shops will not give you a signing if you cannot guarantee any one will show up. This is another huge benefit of being a local author. Once you’ve had a signing, the shop may recommend you to another shop and then another and so on! Until you’re off to different cities – hopefully even globally one day!


  • Local authors usually have more of a chance of getting in their regional newspapers than anyone else! Local news love to report on highlights from the people who read their papers. Eventually, word will spread and you’ll state getting into the bigger, global news!


  • If you live near your school that you once attended, or if you have any kids who go to a local school; let them know! Schools love having back students to show them off! This is a great place to start and you can end up being booked into to schools all around the place!


So there are just a few reasons why being a local author is something to be proud of! And certainly to take advantage of! You can do it!


24 Sep 2019