Why writing during the pandemic has been so important…

There has been a surge in online writing courses and book sales during the pandemic. Not only is this great news for the creative industry, but scientists also say that writing is actually good for us! Here are some of the benefits of writing…



It’s not new news to us that stress can be incredibly damaging to your health – it is a common attributor to many health problems. Studies have shown that writing, even for less than half an hour a day, can contribute to lower blood pressure, improves liver function and can even act as healthy therapy if you’re writing about the things you’re stressed about.



Speaking of the health benefits of writing. It has even been proved to keep your memory so sharp, elephants would be jealous! Studies have shown it may even help to improve your cognitive processing.



There are a few interesting studies that have shown the following:



Need any other reason to start writing? We thought not!


10 Feb 2021