Why Writers on Lockdown are Staying Positive During the Coronavirus Crisis

If someone told us this would be the next article we would be writing, we would have merrily laughed and patted you on the head, but here we are. Here we are indeed, at home (mostly) in quarantine. We’ve been trying to think of some positives out of this situation and managed to think of quite a few, so, without further ado, here are some good things to come out of self-isolation for authors.



Unlimited time for writing!


Many authors and writers have to fit their writing around their daily routine or work. With more time at home self-isolating, we can now give more attention to writing the book we are working on. Along with this, the extra time also means more time to edit our work, think of intricate storylines and proof.



Take your time with publishing


Publishing has not been hit as badly as many other businesses. For most, the only difference is events being cancelled and limited travel or working from home. This means you can take your time working with your publishing house in producing your book.



People read when they are bored


Another positive for authors is that books are now in high demand. Many people are stocking up on books to read at home which is good for the people that wrote them!



E-books and audiobook sales are also rising


The publishing industry is unique that E-books and Audiobooks are digital versions of their physical products. One-click and they’re on your kindle, phone or tablet. Due to the zero-risk factor, they’re selling more than ever.

24 Mar 2020