Where to take writing inspiration from during lockdown


Many of us are in lockdown, which means our writing routines have changed a little. Some are used to exclusively writing at home, however, with motivation being low for some, we have gathered some tips on where to find inspiration during a lockdown.





Nature tis’ a wonderful thing. Going for a walk gets some endorphins flowing and gives you a change of scenery, so many successful authors have credited many ideas to nature.





A big contribution to inspiration for so many writers is reading. It is a bit of a pet hate of ours when we hear an author say they only read their own work and no others. Similar to cooking – if you only cook one dish, you’ll get great at that, but there are so many styles and flavours you can create just by trying other recipes for inspiration – you can then add some new ideas to your own dish to jazz it up. Reading is hugely important if you’re a writer if you do not read – you may struggle.





Facetime your friends or talk to who you live with about some ideas you’re working on, many can help or give a comment which could then spark a new idea for you!



There are our tips for inspiration during this lockdown, if you have any other suggestions, please leave them down below!

21 Apr 2020