What does a publisher look for in a synopsis?

Most publishers will ask for a synopsis when submitting your work, it’s rare that any editor will have the time to read every page of every book we receive. So, a synopsis can be a massive plus when sending work in. Because it is so crucial to have an attractive summary, we have outlined some points to include!



Have a concise plot


It’s important to include a detailed summary, but do not swamp us. Try and be a precise as possible without writing another book. Short, sweet and clear is key.


Just one page


We ask for one page for ease. When you pick up a book and read the blurb you will decide right there and then if you want to buy it, and blurbs are rarely longer than half a page. So, narrow it down so we know it can be explained well in detail in less than a page.


You have nothing to hide!


Some authors write a synopsis like a book blurb, leaving out spoilers and leaving an air of mystery. We want to hear the plot, where the twists are. Don’t be afraid of giving it all away! That is what we want to hear.


Mention your genre


We can usually tell what genre you are by reading the synopsis. But we have been wrong – especially when the summary isn’t worded well. Be specific as to what genre you lie in!

16 Apr 2019