What Makes a Great Book Cover?

We’re asked this question a lot by our authors, “What makes a perfect book cover” – this of course changes depending on what the book is about and who it is aimed too. But the core is the same. So, here’s our advice on coming up with the perfect book cover!



  • Firstly, you’re going to want a nice big title with an appropriate font. The bigger the better really. A book title should take up about a quarter or more of the cover.



  • A stand out image is very important. If you want to have an image on the cover. Make it one. Not five. People often make the mistake of jamming too much on a cover and it can complicate the reader. You also don’t want to give too much away. Usually, a simple image like an eye, a candle or a feather is the best.



  • If you don’t want an image. Give an appealing background. Perhaps a pattern of a landscape. These all make for great book covers too.



  • Colourful isn’t important. But colour-coding is great. Choose one or two staple colours and keep to that!



  • Finally, take inspiration from the book charts. It’s not stealing ideas. It’s taking inspiration.




So, that’s our advice on a great book cover! You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest. A few do.

29 Oct 2019