Welcome to Author Hub


We’re very excited to be opening a new website, devoted to authors.



Author Hub will be a safe place for authors and writers to visit to find advice in publishing (this could be self publishing as well, not always publishing with us) we’re also hoping to have a section of our own authors telling their own publishing journey.


For almost twenty years, Olympia Publishers have provided support, help and advice to our own authors. From their feedback, we realised just how much we were able to help our authors and the success they gained by following, sometimes simple tips. Educating and helping our authors to succeed is deep rooted at Olympia Publishers. Naturally, we knew we needed to do more. This is when Olympia Author Hub was born, a haven for authors and writers.


Olympia Author Hub is an open, free source where you can access free information and advice from industry experts to help improve your writing career.


Welcome to Olympia Author Hub, all the help you need to become a successful author.



10 Apr 2019