Track Changes – How to


Track changes is often used in publishing when proofing, editing and amending – it’s an incredibly helpful tool. In this article, we’ll explain what it is, how it is used and why it’s so important to use in publishing.


When sharing documents, track changes allows you to see exactly what changes have been made and also who made them – this is particularly helpful if some notes are suggestions and also keeps your production team up-to-date on the changes being made.


When working with a production coordinator, it is very important the author, proof-reader and amenders use track changes. This speeds the process up and means we can clearly see edits.



How does one turn on track changes?


Very simple. Just open Microsoft Word and you’re halfway there!


  • Once open, chose the review tab at the top of the document


  • Click track changes


  • Change ‘simple mark-up’ to ‘all markup’.


  • Once track changes have been turned on, you can edit away! All changes will be noted.



18 Dec 2020