Things you can do while you’re in the submission stage

Submission stages vary on the publisher. Self/vanity usually answer within a few days/weeks. Hybrid and Indie publishers like us take around 4-8 weeks and traditional publishers can take more than 2 months. So, that’s quite a bit of waiting time, here are some things you can do while you wait!





Reading will always help the time pass; it keeps your brain alive and it can inspire new ideas.





Still, have ideas in your head? Write them down! Many famous writers have said the moment they finish a book they start a new one.



Start to plan for publishing


Think what your publisher will ask your opinion of if they do accept your work. Start planning for what you would like for your acknowledgements and dedications, plan a press release and blurb. Maybe even have some ideas of what to have on your cover!



Prepare for rejection


Unfortunately, in most cases, no is going to happen at least once. It’s not personal it’s publishing. But do not let it stop you! The current market influences publishers a lot and the market changes all the time. It also gives you time to improve your work.



Start a website and social media


Publishers and readers love to see social media and a website. It gives fans a place to find you, speak to you and it shows you are willing to do your bit for social media. It always helps when the author is proactive online!


14 Jan 2020