Have a change of scenery by reading outdoors

With lockdown slowly easing, we are now being encouraged to go outside a little more. Many of us have been stuck inside reading for months, so here are some new suggestions on where you can safely read with a change of scenery.



In your garden


You’ve likely already done this, but it’s not encouraged enough. When the sun is out there is nothing better than slapping on some SPF and bringing your current read outside to bathe in the warmth of the sun.



The park


We’re now also being encouraged to go to our local parks, pick a good spot, lay down a blanket and get reading. Why not also bring a picnic?



Find some water


Go on a walk with a river or go to the beach – we say this with a pinch of salt, as beaches are becoming very busy, which would then make it hard to social distance? But, if you can find a quiet spot, whack out the book!



Do you have any reading suggestions to get out of the house but still stay safe? Let us know down below! Also, if you’re stuck for a book to read, check out our latest collections here.


16 Jun 2020