Read, read read!

If you’re a doctor, you practise medicine every day. If you’re a firefighter, you put out fires and learn how to regularly. If you’re a dentist, you work on teeth every day… If you’re an author, you really should read every day.

You’d be so surprised how many authors do not read, despite assuming a lot of people will read their book.


Reading is an amazing thing. Not only does it boost your vocabulary and keep your brain alive, but it’s also fantastic to see what is popular, what is trending and give some inspiration!

Reading a popular book can let you know what is popular. Just like reading an unpopular book with bad reviews may give you an idea of what to avoid.

If you look at an interview with famous authors, one thing is always advised. To read books! So listen to those that are successful.

Most musicians love music, listen to music and live for music. The same should go for authors. Practise your art by experiencing others and learning.

Let go of the ego, if you have one and just absorb books! You would be very surprised by what good it can do.

10 Sep 2019