How to: Virtual Book Launch

Many publishers and authors have turned to virtual book launches as a safe but fun option to launch newly released books. A question we receive a lot is: how do you throw a virtual book launch?



Firstly, you’ll need to pick a video conference app that suits you. There are many options: Zoom, Skype, Microsoft teams, Facebook live and IG live. Take a look at these helpful how-tos and detailed descriptions so you can pick the right one for you.


Video Apps:


Social media launches:



Make a Plan


Talk to your publishing house about the plan. Together you can organise a date, what the night will consist of: Q&A, reading etc.


Get Inviting


Once you have a detailed plan with your publicist. That’s when you can start to invite people – you can do this by email, by letter or even a mass text on a WhatsApp group!


Get some Promo material


If you’re an already established author, we’ll be doing an event campaign for fans to win a chance to attend. If you’re a new author, we’ll start creating some jobs with our design team for promotional material to post over social medias to push the event.



Today is the day!


On the day, make sure you have all tech downloaded, make sure your microphone works on your laptop, set up a nice backdrop e.g. a shelf with some books, a plant or two – make it look visually pleasing.




Once everyone is ready, let’s go! Say hello to the attendees, have a toast and start the plan for the evening, whatever that may be. Make sure you have a link to your book around or pin it in the comments. If you can’t do either of these things, talk about where it can be bought a few times. Relax and enjoy yourself, this is the fun part!



21 Oct 2020