How to survive having your writing rejected

Almost every author who is published will have been rejected at one point. So it is something a majority of writers will go through.


Most authors actually get rejected more than once. We’ve mentioned it many times before, but J. K. Rowling was rejected 14 times.

So, it’s always very wise to prepare for rejection. You may be one of the incredibly lucky ones that is accepted first time. But the odds are unfortunately against you. So here’s some handy tips to deals with it.

As we said, most authors get rejected. Almost every author will get rejected at least once! Here’s some examples: Lord of the Flies – 20, Gone with the Wind – 38, Carrie – 30, Dune – 23. These are some of the best novels of all time, and just look. It is normal.

Do not be disheartened. You should be proud of your work. It’s a product of so much thought, time and energy. Stay strong and don’t let any bad news put you down.

Perseverance is key. If you keep trying, you’ll eventually be rewarded!

And finally, work on you! Authors who have a strong media following and a head for the industry can be very appealing and can sway a decision that may be on the fence.

Keep at it, remember it’s not uncommon and believe in yourself, you can and WILL do it!


28 Aug 2019