How to nail a radio interview!


Radio interviews can be a great promotion for your book and yourself as the author. Keep this helpful list of interview tips nearby and you’ll be glad you did!





Spread the word


Before you’re on the radio, tell your friends and family! Post the time and radio station name on your social media and spread the news by word of mouth – it is a very effective tool. See how you can create a buzz before your event to make your radio interview more successful.



Dress well


It’s good to leave a lasting positive impression with the producer and presenter, especially if you want an invite back. Use this opportunity to take pictures with the presenter to later share on with your publisher and on your social media for further promotion. We love seeing pictures of our authors enjoying their events!



Mention the full title of your book


Your book will always be on Amazon and that’s where most people will search, so make sure you say your book’s name clearly. If you’re self-published and you’re just on kindle, mention that! If you’re newly in Waterstones, mention that!



Mention where your book is sold


It never hurts to share with the listeners where your book is available from. For smaller, local radio stations, mention local bookstores where you know your book is sold. Waterstones and W H Smith are always good to mention. Barnes and Noble for US listeners and other shops such as Book Depo for other countries.



Mention if you have any upcoming events


If you already have a signing booked, say it! People who are interested will be more inclined to come along to the signing. Especially if you have an event local to the listeners. They may not have known about it without you telling them! Highlight any special elements, a guest speaker or perhaps guests will get a glass of wine at your book signing?



These guys are experts


Remember that radio presenters do this as a job. They are experts in being friendly and making you feel as comfortable as possible. They’ve gone through awkward pauses before, they know how to remedy it. You’re in very safe hands. So relax and don’t be nervous.



Inspire listeners


Potential writers or people thinking about writing may be listening. Look back before you got published, when you were writing and think what you would have wanted to hear. You may be able to encourage people to pursue their dream.



Be yourself


Be yourself and let the conversation flow. It’s your moment to shine and be proud of your work. This is the best way to connect with listeners to build fans and followers.



A thought to take away


Say kind words, a kind word about the host can go a long way. Be respectful of the host, today they’re interviewing you from a local radio station; in a few years, they could be a nationally recognised host. Use this opportunity to build your network.




15 Oct 2019