How to Get Organised for 2021 – Tips for Writers and Authors

We’re three weeks into 2021 and already it has proven to be very challenging for most. Many of us don’t want to hear about new year’s resolutions, a new gym routine or the trendiest diet for this year.


Instead, we’re offering some easy-to-follow advice on how to organise your writing and schedule for this year.


Tip 1: Get an organisation tool/journal


Firstly, if you’re anything like us and enjoy writing ideas down on paper, we would recommend getting yourself a handy-dandy organiser. Pause for a swoon as we show you our personal favourite brand for planning and organising, Appointed:


But if this is not for you, there are plenty of other affordable brands and local places you will likely find similar products!


If you prefer online tools, you can make an excel, or go with a website such as Trello:



Tip 2: Give yourself a weekly schedule to stick to


Just like you have a work schedule, think of writing as a job too. Plan days to write or how long to write for every day if you can. E.g., Monday-Friday 7-9 pm writing.



Tip 3: Storyboard/Mind map your book


It’s important to stay on track. Make sure you have an overall plan. Most famous authors like to plan their book before they even start writing. If you have already done this, be sure you check back often to make sure you’re on the right path too.


Tip 4:  Edit as you go


Just like cooking, it’s always easier and far less overwhelming to tidy as you go. The same applies to writing – don’t be afraid to write one day and edit the next. Or spend the last 15 minutes of your daily writing time checking back on what you have written that day.


Tip 5: Set Achievable goals


There is little point setting yourself unrealistic goals, instead, set realistic ones, you’ll find your 2021 to be far more rewarding.

11 Jan 2021