Ways to deal with writers block

We’ve all had this… it can be unbelievably frustrating. There are many tips on the internet to beat this, but we’ve gone one step further. Speaking to our authors who have experienced writing block, we share with you how they’ve overcome it!



Free – write

Rather than writing your book, start writing freely. One good way of doing this is picking one word and writing a short story about it. Even for half an hour or so. Don’t worry about punctuation and context. It’s all free, it starts the train of creativity again.


Reading books that inspired you to become a writer

When you’re having a slow period, look back at the books that inspire you. For example, Hunter S Thompson’s work is flooded with creative thoughts. Reading him makes us want to write. So, pick up your favourite book!


Having a walk

It’s sometimes good to just get away from writing for a little while. Going for a walk refreshes your mind. Also, it can inspire new ideas and thoughts. Seeing nature bloom, birds flying and breathing in fresh air will declutter your mind.


Be energetic

Releasing endorphins by getting yourself moving is hugely beneficial, not just for writing but lifestyle in general. Practice yoga as part of your writing life; it’s calming and will help you focus. When you’re relaxed your mind is more open.


Dream Diary

If your writers block is caused by lack of ideas, we recommend keeping a notebook by your bed. When you have a fantastic dream it’s so common to forget it. So, write it down. Some of the best books come from dreams and day dreams.


Play Video Games

This gets a lot of hate. Video games are great for creativity. Certain mind games are fantastic for this. It’s also a great way to remove tension and divert your mind.


Watch TV or Film

Also, similar to video games. TV and film can really ignite creativity and can even just be a great escape. Watching many indie programs, nature documentaries and genres similar to the one you’re writing in can actually make you more interested in continuing to write.


Go to a café

Sometimes a change of scenery can really help. Getting out of your house / office You get a whole bunch of unexpected inputs that change your perspective for the moment (i.e. snatches of conversation, the music, odd paintings on the wall). Also, coffee is great or a relaxing camomile tea. It brings out the writer and poet in you.


Treat yourself

Sometimes we all just need a little treat to keep us happy. As Dale Cooper would say, “Every day. Once a day. Give yourself a present.” Do the same! Even if it’s something simple; a new air freshener for your car, a tie, a fresh cup of coffee, a piece of cake or a new book. Something small to make a huge difference in your mood.


Re-read your writing

Sometimes reading your own work is enough to get the creative waters flowing again. You will feel hopefully proud and it can make you want to continue!



Remember, there’s no real need to write at this moment. Don’t force it. If you feel sluggish and not inspired, take a break! You can return to it when you’re feeling more like yourself.

16 Apr 2019