Easy Bookish Resolutions for 2021

No-one is sure what 2021 will bring, due to this, many of us are hesitating to make resolutions. That being said, bookish resolutions can be small challenges that are fun and more manageable!

So, here are some of the resolutions that our team have taken on!



1) Read a book a month


This one seems manageable, a book a month! You can do this.


2) Support more local and diverse authors.


Rather than supporting many of the already very famous authors (which is not a bad thing, by the way) try and also give some local or diverse authors a go!


3) Buy books from independent bookshops and publishers


Similar to the above; local bookshops and publishers really need our help right now, so instead of popping onto Amazon, try buying direct from the local sources.


4) Review more books on Goodreads


Unless you’re an author or work in publishing, you likely do not know just how important reviews are. It only takes five minutes, if you enjoyed the book, let your thoughts be heard!


5) Start an Audiobook


There are many ways to read book now! In hardback, paperback even digitally as an eBook. The new trending way is audiobooks, not only is it a fun new way to get in some extra pages, it’s also amazing for doing on the go, listening to in the bath, while cooking even when you’re doing your laundry!



So, here are our suggestions! Let us know yours down below.

13 Nov 2020