Does an author really need a website?

Is it worthwhile having your own website? According to sources, it’s a great base for people to find your work and for you to share what you wish to your audience. The answer to the question is, no – you don’t NEED a website. But it is always better to have one than to not. In fact, it can open an entire window of opportunities!  

There are a few ways to set up your website. So, before advising what to put on your website, we’ll help you start it off.


Word Press


Possibly the easiest and cheapest website too! It can be 100% free if you’re happy to have a WordPress domain and a basic layout. May we also say – even basic layouts can look wonderful. WordPress is great for accessibility and tools. You can have all the factors you should want to include, easily. There’s also very few bugs, pictures and videos are easy to include. Also, because of the popularity of the site, there’s a very good help page and forums.


Private designers


You can also create your own website by hiring a designer. Many designers can be given a blueprint of ideas and they can create exactly what you have in mind. Domains can be easily purchased and there are many handy guidelines about how to build your reach. As well as analytics and so on.




Even having a simple blog can be great. Blogs have come a long way now, you can even have sections, include videos, pictures and links.


What to include on your website?


  • Short author biography and regular blog posts
  • An event calendar that you can fill with signings and interviews.
  • A link to your work along with information, various places to buy your book.
  • Include any videos about your book/
  • A news page. You can put more information about signings here. When your book is on kindle. If an audiobook is being made, giveaways etc.


Finally, look at other author websites and take inspiration from them!

01 Oct 2019