Can a busy person write a book? How to work around your lifestyle to make time for your writing

We often speak to aspiring writers or speak to interesting characters, usually, the thought of writing a novel has crossed their minds, but a big problem they haven’t been able to work around is their lifestyle and schedule. So, here are a few tips on how to make time to write!



I have a lot of hobbies, so it’s hard to add another.


Many of us can make time to watch television, go out for drinks or eat out. Writing usually starts off, first and foremost, as a hobby. If you can make time for some hobbies, try and make time for this one too.


How can I make time?


Start giving yourself a rough (or detailed) schedule. If your TV time is usually from 7-10pm shorten it slightly to 8-10pm so you get an hour a day to write. If week days are very difficult, weekends are a great time to get some writing in. Wake up a little earlier than you usually would do on both or one of the days, make yourself a refreshing drink and try and write!


My job is unpredictable.


Of course, this is always going to be difficult if you have a very busy job with different hours and so on. This may make it hard to stick to a weekly schedule, instead of this, we would recommend trying to find a time in the day that you have a free hour and then try and write. Another way you can write is on the go! If you take public transport to work, think about taking your laptop or notebook with you and write then.


I don’t always feel like writing


Then don’t! This shouldn’t be a chore for you. Write when you wish to. Trust yourself.

10 Sep 2020