A quick guide to Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Most use it as they would use Facebook but not many use it for marketing. As an author, you can utilise Instagram to promote your book and your life as an author.


We’ve successfully had our Instagram for many years now and watch many of our authors exceed with our own personal Instagram. So, here are the dos and don’t for Instagram!





  • Utilise hashtags. Have a little look at other successful bookstagrams. See what hashtags they use. Also look at the features of the post. For example: if the picture is your book on the shelf of Waterstones. The hashtags you could use are: #Bookstagram #Books #BookShelf #Waterstones #Fiction


  • Good angles. If you look at any major brands Instagram account, the professional pictures they take are usually from a high angle, not too close and not too far. There’s a delicate balance. Play around by taking a few photos from different angles, your eyes will pick out the most pleasing photo. You do not need to be a professional for this.


  • High quality. There’s no point in uploading a picture if it’s blurry. Do not upload pictures for the sake of uploading. Quality is more important than the quantity of the photos. Luckily the smartphones nowadays are very much capable of capturing amazing photos. But, if you want to step it up, you can buy camera lenses that click on to your phone, or just use a professional camera. You can even invest in a lighting set if you want to go one step further.


  • Edit your photos slightly so they look sharper. Maybe play around with black and white filters, adjust the lighting and have fun. You will get better with time.


  • Follow other Instagram accounts that you think are relevant. Be sure to follow friends and family, book bloggers, your publishers, fellow authors, book stores, newspapers and so on.




  • Do not beg for followers. Followers come naturally, if you ask for them to follow you, they’re going to do it begrudgingly, and likely not want to, really.


  • Don’t spam. About 3-5 posts a day is the perfect amount. No one wants to follow someone who posts 24/7, unless they’re Johnny Depp…


  • Don’t use too many hashtags. Yes, do use them! But keep it at a maximum of 10.


  • Don’t OVER edit the photos. Editing is good but no one likes an overly edited photo. Trust us.


This quick and basic guide will surely help you kickstart your Instagram account. A tip to take away: be creative in taking pictures, don’t post similar looking pictures, this can get boring for your followers. Inspire them and show off your creativity.

07 May 2019