How to Apply for PLR


What is PLR?

PLR stands for public lending rights. In short, it means that authors will be paid fairly when their work is lent through public libraries.


Should I apply?

Yes, if you would like to get paid.


Can my publisher do it for me?

No, it is strictly between library and author. Therefore, authors need to apply.


When should I apply?

We recommend applying the week after your publication day.



Here are some tips to filling out the form! These are our most asked questions:



What is my ISBN? Take a look on our website here, search your book in the search bar and when it pops up, you’ll see your ISBN and price etc.


What do I put in the percentage box? It is usually 100%, but this can change. We would recommend clicking here:


What edition would it be?  First edition.


What identification should I provide? We recommend scanning your driving licence or Utility bill dated in the last 6 months.


Should I use my real name or pen name? If you use a pseudonym you should apply for PLR using your real name.


What if I have already published a book? Please pop us an email and we can provide you an additional book form.


 Further enquiries should be directed to The PLR team at The British Library

10 Nov 2021