World Autism Awareness Day | Grazy Guru

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. We had the pleasure of talking to Grazy Guru author of The Erple People: New Child, who has high functioning autism. We talk about how he overcame the hurdles in his life to become a published author and illustrator. 



  • When did you first have an interest in writing?


Throughout my life I have been labelled as having DYSLEXIA, as well as having ASPERGER SYNDROME & ADHD.

I have loved art and stories all my life, yet whenever it came to creating them myself, I found difficulty in my Autism to be able to conquer certain ailments that prevent me from having success in this area.

The arrival of 2020 and Covid.

During 2020 I suffered terrible Trauma, some so personal I have been requested not to talk about it. Other traumas like the loss of loved ones during a pandemic like my father.

I had multiple Panic Attacks and I felt like I was losing my mind.

Between my Local Authorities, The Amazing NHS staff and the ever-present love of my wife and carer Alyssa-Miriam, I was given all the support needed to take up a hobby and aid my journey to being well again.

A Journey I am still on, but with Wonderful support from many avenues including that of my Fabulous Publicists, Olympia House, I have now been handed my future to mould as I see fit.


My health and purpose are key instruments in my survival and Olympia has offered this to me with Aiding in the publication of my first book.


When I was asked to take up a hobby to aid in my recovery, something inside me just kept showing me a future I did not recognise. I was a world-famous Author who was inspiring so many like me to be who they genuinely want to be, regardless of their boundaries.

So that is the path I believe I am on.



  • Do you feel writing is a good way to express yourself?


I began Writing New Child to show how to tackle racial diversity.

I have a great Motto I hope to bring out in this world,

“To ensure a brighter future, you must start by installing the light into the generations presently coming into existence.” The Grazy Guru



  • What inspired you to write your book?


At the time, my inspiration for the book was BLM.

They were hurt by some very questionable actions that I confess not to know a great deal about.

That said I do know there was great hurt happening in the world due to the lack of understanding in racial diversity.


My book, ‘New Child,’ focusses on the reasons behind these horrid actions we can find ourselves guilty of through SIN.

SIN = meaning the negative teachings we pass onto our vulnerable.

New Child – Teaches that difference is on the inside not the outside, and that internal difference is called uniqueness, a word of true beauty.

My partner and Carer asked me, “why not do the Art? Show your true character.”


For someone like me, the digital art is a huge obstacle, but I decided it was not going to stop me from helping others.

Olympia submissions replied that they liked the art I originally submitted, so with that boost the journey started.

After a month of teaching myself how to use the software, I began at less than a beginner and overcame obstacles such as only using a mouse and keyboard, cheap equipment, uncontrollable emotions, and many factors of my Autism, but I finally did it.

I had Completed my First Book. The Erple People: New Child. Racial Awareness at its finest.


I began writing and illustrating even against all Diverse obstacles, to help heal an unwell mind and an unwell world that rides along with all its beauty. By doing what I am doing whether I fail or not, I know I WILL inspire others to at least try.

Writing and illustrating my books with lessons and helpful aims has saved my life.

It is now my greatest form of expression and I honestly believe it is hidden in many others which I hope to be a part of raising out of them through inspiration.


  • For those who maybe don’t understand, could you explain a little about the stigma around autism?


Not sure if I like the word STIGMA but it does have its place in accessing an overall idea, I feel that lack in our education has led to many ignorance’s which in turn are just a form of illness.

But to the question asked I would say that a great way to explain autism for an observer is this.


  1. We are not all the same, there are many forms of autism I believe.
  2. Sometimes like a duck, things can seem smooth on the surface but the little feet on the inside and rapidly firing.
  3. Just because I find it hard or difficult does not mean I should give up. It means help me find a better way.


I lack many qualities that may have made me an amazing author but if I have my imagination, my health and my goals, I will always look for a better way.


To show for my hard work, I have now completed a contract with Olympia for my first book, I have 3 other contracts on offer from Olympia for three more books, I have also just written the drafts for two more books that include, The Erple People 2: Buggy Ride.

As well as all that, I have just launched a new YouTube channel to teach others like me how to do digital art and create books and games using my methods.

Me and my Partner are now acting as champions for raising awareness this 2021 national autism month/week with Tik Tok challenges

I hope to be a beacon of inspiration to all Neurodiverse persons.


  • Are there any common misperceptions people seem to believe when they first meet you?


I have come accustomed to telling people about me as soon as we meet. However, I did spend a huge chunk of my life ignoring my conditions which maybe the reason I have so much difficulty in adult years.

I am extremely high functioning, and I do not have many external tells apart from some ticks.

OK, get the hanky ready….


It is a shame that I am discriminated against pretty much every day by strangers, parents and family that just will not accept my condition is getting worse.

I have Children that will not come to see me due to my autism, two daughters that alienate me and relatives that are so caught up in their own dramas they neglect the fact I am struggling.

That said, I guess it is just a positive state of mind that does not see this as a poor me moment but an opportunity to make things better.

My main selfish reason to want this success is so I can finally get my family back.

I can feel alone without them sometimes, but I do have an amazing wife who loves and cares for me no matter how bad I become.


  • Do you have any advice for other people with autism who wish to be an author


My advice for anyone wanting to be an Author and has Autism,

  1. Naturally, I will say purchase my book to inspire yourself it can be done.
  2. Get in contact with me, I can guild help and find ways for your success.
  4. Always have fun.
  5. Ensure no matter how high you aim, see the possibilities as your guild.


  • We believe that everyone should be able to aim high, do you also believe this?


Everyone can aim high whether with aid or not, remember this one piece of advice and you will reach the highs you aim for.


“Aiming requires one skill – FOCUS – empower yours by understanding patience, appreciation and above all, let Your understanding and Empathy lead you there.”


My Book, The Curious Camel teaches about finding your strengths and aiming high.

I believe that everyone should aim high and if you see someone that seems to be struggling with this action, HELP THEM.

01 Apr 2021