Trevor Smith | My love of nature and the countryside began when I was a young boy

We recently spoke to our author, Trevor Smith about the beautifully illustrated children’s book: A Stoat Called Longfellow. Trevor talks about his love of nature, his book and hopes and dreams.
Before we hear from Trevor, here’s a little about his book:

When Longfellow the Stoat wakes up on a snowy day and wants an egg for breakfast, he has to cross the farmyard and brave the wrath of Pint, the farmer’s Jack Russell dog. All seems well until the horse, Cobweb, unwittingly sounds the alarm and Pint wakes up and gives chase. Longfellow finds a safe refuge, but soon something worse comes calling. Longfellow runs away – but then something even worse arrives!

Can little Longfellow get safely to his home in the dry stone wall?

A charming, beautifully illustrated tale to help young readers understand the countryside. 

My love of nature and the countryside began when I was a young boy. I always had lots of pets and spent most of my free time in the local woods, bird-watching and building hides to observe wildlife a little closer…
In later life, I became a gamekeeper, which enhanced my love and knowledge of nature even more. During this time I kept notes of my observations on scraps of paper which I stored in a cardboard box.
 When I retired, I decided to put all my notes together and later selected some to develop the children’s story of Longfellow. My hope is to impart some of my experiences in the hope that some of the magic will rub off and promote in children a love and curiosity for nature.
For me, writing Longfellow was challenging being my first book, but also a joy.
Olympia Publishers have held my hand, guiding and advising me throughout. Having the satisfaction and the pleasure of it being published has given me the encouragement to delve back into my cardboard box to continue with Longfellow’s adventures.

07 May 2020