Sultan Ayaz | Everyone has their own hero, mine is my mother

I always believed that writing is a process of converting pure emotions into written words, and I truly experience that when I was writing my novel, pouring all my emotions into it.

What made me write the most is the urge feeling to express my emotions and imagination into words, so people can take a glimpse of what I feel, and what I think of, and somehow I believe that I succeeded.

Before I decided to take writing seriously, I used to write simple poems and short stories, and sometimes I write reviews of my favorite shows/games to my friends, I loved writing and I did not realize that until I actually started on my novel!

At first, I dreamed about having my own story and share it with the whole world, it was just a stray thought at that time, and I fell in love with it to the point I made it my dream to achieve.

It was my friends who truly supported me and encouraged me to go on with the novel, though I gave up once when I finished half of it, but they did not give up on me and believed in me, that encouraged me to go on and finish the whole novel.

Even my college had a part in supporting me, they hosted my novel in their magazine and even featured it in their social media!

When I first finished my book, I strived to publish it by any means necessary, but unfortunately, the cost was considered high to me and the process was time-consuming, on top of that, I was still emotionally recovering from the fact that my father passed away that time.

Though I had to face some life’s hardships in that time, I still wanted to achieve my dream, so I participated in an official writing contest and I reached the final stage, then my book was rejected, which made me feel down for a while, but for sure I did not give up! It took me more than a year to finish the publishing process of the paperback version, where I had to do most of the work on my own.

Certainly, I have learned a lot during the publishing process, I understood how it actually works when I sat down with the editors and the designers, it was a very good experience.

If you asked me what is the most memorable moment as an author, my answer will be “holding my first book with my own hands”. I can hold it, and I can see it, and yet… I cannot believe that I actually made it!!

To be honest, I had zero experience in writing novels, I thought it would be as easy as writing poems or short stories, well I was wrong…

I had to go to the library and make some research by reading some novels just to understand how to compose a sentence that is fit to be in a novel, it took me a lot of time, but it was worth it.

What really inspired me to finish my novel, is my mother. She faced many hardships in her life, especially when my father passed away, and she bravely dealt with them while always showing me and my siblings a gentle smile just to make us feel safe.

Everyone has their own hero, mine is my mother.


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15 Aug 2019