Nadine Abu Treef | New sparks ignited in my mind

Ever since I was little, I always had big dreams to fulfil. Some of them were to be a pilot, yet as I grew older, new sparks ignited in my mind.


At some point in my childhood, I became interested in the English language. I thought that it was a magical language and I should give it its justice, so I decided to write. At first, I wrote my feelings about how my days went in English, sort of like a diary –which didn’t last long. But after a while, I decided to write short stories for myself. I didn’t share them with anyone and I will never do that because they are a part of my soul and I would like to keep a little privacy for my imagination.


As the years went by, I was in the first year of high school when I wrote a novel. It was so bad and the writing was cringe-worthy but I was encouraged by my family and friends to continue…  so I did. I wrote Trapped with My Brothers during my second year of high school alongside the final exams. You could say that my life at that time was hectic. Two years had passed and I did the one thing I thought was impossible for me to do…


I submitted my manuscript to publishing companies and prayed for the best. I got one rejection before I got the ‘yes’ from Olympia Publishers and I was over the moon when that happened. My book meant something and it meant something good because it got published. The moment the delivery guy called my cell, I panicked. I even forgot how to answer when he told me “I have a package for you” but I got over the excitement attack and let my brother receive it because I was at the university that day. I don’t regret it because when I got home after a week of being gone and saw the package, I cried. It was all worth the wait.


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12 Jun 2020