Mark Roberts | It’s an overwhelming feeling of self-satisfaction and achievement

It was important for me to write about my experiences in the British Forces and as a security contractor.  Writing about where I have been and what I have seen gives me a chance to share good and bad experiences I have been through. I was always having trouble explaining my emotions and feelings prior to my book being published but now people I know who have read my book they to share those experiences and have a better understanding of the person I am.

My main influence would be Ewart Alexander my parents’ neighbour and good friend, he is an author and play writer himself. Ewart would write to me when I was on operations in the British Forces, he would ask me to write him letters on what was happening and advised me to keep a diary. Getting my book published was a lot harder than I expected I even considered giving up, but I just persisted in trying different publishers and stayed positive.

Be thorough during the publishing process don’t rush things and be patient. Soon enough you will have your first book in your hands, it’s an overwhelming feeling of self-satisfaction and achievement.


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01 Aug 2019