Luna Lloyd | You must respect the story idea, which flows to you


Being a writer needs focus, patience and hard-working. You must respect the story idea, which flows to you. Writing is the same as doing sports, you must do it even if you don’t have the mood for it. We are like painters; we paint with words. Always try to be the best of yourself and use your full capacity. You are the one, who can create worlds through words. It is also a responsible job. You must know what message you want to give to your readers. Every piece of art is precious – always keep it in mind. The only way one can be a better writer is: practising. Have fun with writing and let the story being created by you. There is no one else who can write the story as you would do.

Writing can be tough as you work alone, so try to create a balanced life. Never forget about your social life, friends and doing sports.  A healthy lifestyle is needed to stay productive and inspired.



Avoid being hard on yourself.

There are unfinished stories, there will always be, but appreciate the finished ones. Books are the fulfilment of existence.

I am grateful because I can be a published author.

One of the most joyful moments during writing is when I’m playing with characters and searching for words describing them the best. I’m deepening into the story and imagining the characters. It brings me so much fun.

It was an exciting experience of how I found Olympia Publishers. Before finishing my manuscript, everything in my life was about Greece, the Greek mythology, the gods and goddesses and the Olympus. When I finished my manuscript and I began to search for publishers, the number one was the Olympia Publishers on my searching list. So, I took a chance and sent them my manuscript.




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25 Jul 2019