Lauren Foreman | Believe in Yourself. You Could Be Surprised Just Where Your Writing Will Take You.

This week we are proud to feature Lauren Foreman, author of Polly Learns to Share. Lauren speaks today about her writing journey, how she started the publishing process and her advice to aspiring authors!



I have grown up in Stonehaven, a town in the North East of Scotland. I know I could be biased as I have lived there all my life but it truly is a beautiful place. The salt in the air and the wind in your hair never fails to make me smile. Even thinking of this is bringing the pungent smell of seaweed to my nostrils. On a summer’s day you will always find me sitting at the harbour with a gin in hand scribbling down ideas for stories or even sometimes just people watching, noticing the way different people interact. I guess as a writer your mind is constantly ticking and picking up ideas for your novel or your next book. This is where I saw to small children fighting over the same bucket and spade. I watched and they snatched it out of each other’s hands and screamed at each other. At this moment the first seed was planted for Polly Learns to Share.



Growing up I was always surrounded by people who seemed to have found what they were really good at whether it be art, design or even maths and I always thought I could never say that I excelled or was passionate about anything. Then one day aged twenty-three I picked up a pencil and began scribbling a poem down on a scrap piece of paper. I found that it flowed so easy and before I knew it I started writing a little story with the main character Polly. I had finally found something that I was passionate about.


When I first started writing, I never ever expected to be able to say that I am a published author with books available in major bookstores, and now that it has happened, I am still having to pinch myself. It feels so surreal. The feeling of excitement when you get to decide on the front cover or sign off on your final manuscript still brings a smile to my face. That is why I would encourage anyone with a want to write a book to do it, don’t be worried about the end result at the beginning just let your ideas flow and watch as your characters start to come to life. Never give up. Even if you get a couple of rejections from publishing houses, get back up and try again.


When I first started working with Olympia Publishers I had no idea what to expect, the whole process was completely alien to me, but every step of the way, friendly and knowledgeable staff guide you until you have your final result and you open the box with copies of your book in it. The rush of excitement you feel, and the sense of achievement is overwhelming. So if you have an idea for a piece of writing I would urge anyone to go with, don’t worry about others will say, and focus on your writing and your dream. Believe in yourself. You could be surprised just where your writing will take you.



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09 Jan 2020