Jamar Collins | One day I realized I wanted to become a writer

One day I realized I wanted to become a writer because I knew I had an interesting story to tell and writing was one of my biggest hobbies. I remember when I was still in school, I would always be excited when my teacher told us to write a story. I never got that excitement from any class.


Before my book was published I had dreams of getting my book out to as much of the world as possible. Now I have a great feeling inside knowing that readers will be able to purchase my book. The influence I had to make me want to write this book was my father; one day I told him “I’m thinking of writing a book” and he said a lot of inspiring things that made me go forward with writing said book.


Things had gotten very difficult in the process of writing, sometimes I wanted to give up. One day when I told myself I was going to give up, I laid in bed, depressed and sad and I thought of my friend Kuwan who sadly committed suicide during this time. I could stop thinking about him, I would think to myself “it must be easy to just give up and quit just like you Kuwan”. Then, my room window opened whilst I was laying down, it scared me… I thought I was someone trying to break in my house but it wasn’t. So, from there I felt like that was Kuwan wanting to show me his appearance, because of this I knew I had to be the best I could be and chase my dreams because that’s all Kuwan wanted to do, he always motivated me to be the best I could be and he always had high confidence and big goals that no-one but him would believe in. So, for Kuwan, I’m going to pursue every goal I ever have in my life, because I know I have him watching over me which gives me more strength, enough to never give up on anything in life.


Once I was done writing my book, I googled good publishing companies and I sent it out to various places I felt were good enough to market my book. I was rejected by half the book companies, but the other half that accepted me made me feel great. I had to decide which company I was going to work with and I felt Olympia Publishers was more of a fit for me. When the book was finally published I felt very satisfied and felt like I made a great decision because the book sold out the first week on Amazon!


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04 Jun 2020