H. A. Cowan | Never in my wildest dreams ever imagined I would be a published author

I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined I would be a published author. To be honest I am not an avid reader, in general terms I have been far too busy to take the time out to read.


I have been married to Ann for 37 years I have been fortunate enough to have a very varied and fulfilling career. I started my working life as an Assistant Golf Professional at the local golf course before serving my apprenticeship and qualifying as an electrician. This led to retraining as a geologist and working in America, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Zaire.

When Ann and I married I gave up the nomadic lifestyle and joined the police force and worked for ten years as a dog handler.

I then returned to the corporate world, gained a masters degree at the age of forty and in the meantime was blessed with the arrival of two boys Fergus and Ross.

During the last twenty-five years I have run multi-million-pound companies and currently work as the Commercial Director for a dairy in Dorset.


People often ask “Where does your inspiration come from”? and to be honest I think that my varied work career and the fact that I have been fortunate to travel the world has open up my creative side and provided me with a great big mixing pot of cultures and ideas that when blended together excite the imagination which allows me to conjure up my own fantasy worlds and in turn I am able to share this with others through my writing.

Last year I had a five-week spell away from work and decided to immerse myself in my book ten hours a day six days per week.

I soon slipped into a fantasy world, the words and the story just flowed and flowed. Often Ann would come to find me as I was so engrossed in the story; the morning would soon turn into the afternoon and before I realised it – it was bedtime.


This for me was a magical time; so rewarding, so fulfilling and has pushed me on to write more and more.

When the manuscript was finished, I then turned my attention to finding a publisher. I must have sent off a synopsis to over 60 publishers with rejection after rejection landing on my doorstep. Eventually I tried Olympia and as they say the rest is history.


They engaged positively from the start, very professional and courteous and when I received my box of published books I just felt completely overwhelmed. All the hours of toil all the hard work and to finally see your book in front of you; to pick it up, to smell it – such an unbelievable feeling.


I have many more books inside me and many more stories to tell – so the fun has only just begun.


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31 Oct 2019