Elaine Mercieca | I wrote the story 5 years before I sent it off!

I actually never aspired to be a writer at all. I had suffered much ill health throughout my adult life, suffering from illnesses doctors didn’t understand or that had no cure, allergies, M.E, miscarriages. I turned to alternative therapies and books my husband being my constant support. We tried nutritionists, acupuncture, reiki, herbalists learning a little from each, constantly educating ourselves about diet and lifestyle.


I met with many adults in a similar position searching for health. It was a massive journey of discovery to get to the point where I am now of feeling healthy. I found myself wishing I had been taught the importance of loving and respecting my body for health and happiness when I was much younger, to actually prioritize that above anything else. I decided then having trained as a nursery nurse, I should write it in a story simplified for 3 to 7 yr olds.



I found my inspiration from authors like Erica White, Dr Gillian McKeith, Adelle Davies, Rhonda Byrne, Dr Peter J D’adamo and many more. I knew I needed to come up with a lovable character that would attract both boys and girls, so they would listen to what he had to say. I also knew children were obsessed with the night sky so used the moon and the stars to come up with a tale.


I wrote the story 5 years before I sent it off. My daughter encouraged me to send it off and it was accepted straight away by Olympia so I felt it was meant to be and was thrilled. I have to thank my husband Joseph and children Jacob and Francesca for supporting me through my illnesses. I was diagnosed with a brain tumour fourteen years ago when my children were 10yrs and 12yrs old. I have since had two surgeries to remove it. The same week as my book was published my neurosurgeon called me to tell me I do not need anymore yearly brain scans.


My book is my thank you to the world and I hope it inspires all who read it, children and adults alike to prioritize self-love for health and happiness. I haven’t ruled out writing more children’s books, Olympia was wonderful and informed me of every process, even though it felt like a long wait, opening my box of books when finally published was magical.


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13 Mar 2020