Cynthia Langenberg | My life has grown with new ideas since being published

After working hard at rescuing several cats in need I felt an obligation to bring awareness to the plight and suffering of starving, abandoned felines. My hope is that by writing an uplifting children’s book about my experiences will inspire care, patience and compassion in others.


“Four Orphan Kitties Get Rescued” is my first ever book to get published. I am currently working on a sequel adventure story featuring the four in a rock kitty band that goes on tour. My life has grown with new ideas since being published.


The biggest influence on my writing can be attributed to the book “Old Yeller” and the movie “Born Free.”


When I finally finished my book, I had to overcome the feeling of low self-worth and the possibility of rejection. I told myself to go for it! After all it was a lot of time and effort to get this far. I am so glad I submitted my story online to Olympia Publishers. All my hard work had payed off.


The publishing process was daunting but all the great communication within e-mails and guidance from Olympia Publishers made it a lot less stressful. I have learned a lot about the process, mainly to be patient and work hard.


When my books finally arrived, I thought that my husband had ordered yet another item online. Boy! Was I surprised to see my name on the box and the sender was from London? It was such a Joy to open my box of books. It was a feeling of accomplishing a lifelong goal. I almost cried.


Writing a book can be very frustrating and challenging. It is hard to find the time sometimes to work on your project. I found that some days I could only come up with a single paragraph. There were a few days I tried to write and came away with nothing. Solving writing problems in my own experience was hard but I learned to be patient and just kept going no matter what happened.



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23 Jul 2020