Albert Garcia | Once I finished and went over it a million times I then decided to seek a publisher

This week we are proud to feature Albert Garcia, author of Burgos: Our Football Adventure. Albert speaks today about his writing journey, how he started the publishing process and his advice to aspiring authors!



As with most of us we have a story or two to tell, albeit they are normally told at dinner parties or gatherings. But when this particular story had an angle and plenty of scope to go further I decided to get going with my book.



Being involved in management a lot of reporting is asked of you. Standard procedure in any good organisation. In fact I did so much reporting that I was beginning to enjoy it, which is why I decided to enrol in a home based writing course. This is what help me shape up my approach to my book, perfect timing.



I’ve always liked the traditional, dry, witty sense of humour, whether it’s on TV, Films or books.  There are many great authors out there but one that I have a lot time for is Michael Palin. An icon of a comedian/celebrity/presenter, he opened up my eyes when I used to watch his much loved travel shows.



It took a while before I actually finished my book due to work commitments. Once I finished and went over it a million times I then decided to seek a publisher. To say it’s a jungle out there is an understatement, just ask any aspiring author. I found most publish companies too draconian in their “new arrivals” section. This prompted me to look at reviews of new authors on how they put their foot on the door. Ironically when I received the green light from Olympia Publishers  I was in of all places at Waterstones bookshop, Hampstead. (Was this a sign!)



I found the process very structured and fair and after a couple of reviews by the editors at Olympia publishers they offered me a deal. Unfortunately at that time I was only able to go the electronic version route as opposed to the traditional hard back. I was guided from the start and the team helped me along with the final touches.



Seeing my e-book on the Amazon website is very exciting and something that can be read long after I am gone. That’s the beauty of writing, just ask the Egyptians, it can never be erased and my extraordinary true story with the football team will live forever.



If you have an idea don’t let it go, Write it.



No druids or wizards were hurt in the making of my book.



Get yourself a copy of Albert’s book, here! 


05 Mar 2020