All you need to know about eBooks

eBooks are a great way to read on the go nowadays – kindles are becoming popular for a lot of avid readers. Some authors choose to just publish as an eBook, but many prefer to have an eBook alongside a paperback.



When you’re published with a publishing house, they usually create an eBook for you, regardless of the sort of book you have published with them. An eBook is made within 6 months after the publication of your paperback.



Not only are eBooks a great asset to books, there are also new promotional tools on kindle, fantastic for giving books an extra boost:



Kindle Unlimited


Kindle unlimited is automatically added to all kindles. Unlimited is the Netflix of book promo – essentially, it’s a subscription service, where you can read as many eBooks as you like and keep them for as long as you want. Rather than a specific amount of profit per eBook, royalties are worked out based on pages read.



Free kindle deal


A free kindle deal makes your eBook free for a certain amount of time – usually between 3-7 days. While your book is offered for free, it will have a sales rank in the Free list. No royalties are offered, the idea is to have as many people as possible read your book and hopefully leave reviews – which are essential to new books doing well.



Kindle countdown deal


A kindle countdown deal works in a similar way to the above free deal, only there is a price; instead of making the book free, it reduces the price for a set amount of time (usually under 7 days). There are royalties with this promotion, but they will be smaller than when the eBook is at full price.

09 Feb 2022