A Recipe for a Good Synopsis

We’re coming at you today with some useful insight into the publishing process; how exactly do you write a synopsis that will catch the attention of a publisher? We’ll show you how!

#1: Short, sweet, snappy

One of the best ways to ensure that your submission is thrown into the depths of a waste bin is to write an essay instead of a synopsis. Your synopsis should outline your plot, but not go into too much detail. Share the name of your chief character, some key details of the plot, but don’t overexplain everything.

#2: Write with Flair

You’re a writer, so write! Don’t let your synopsis sound too mechanical or static. Yes, you need to say it in so many words, but if you write with captivating language that is in your own style, you can really grab the attention of a commissioning editor.

#3: Consider Your Formatting

If you are submitting digitally- which you likely are in this day and age- you need to consider what your submission actually looks like, and this includes your synopsis. We recommend Times New Roman font, in size 12. It may not be the end of the world if you submit work that deviates from this, but generally you might find that you put your publisher off if you submit a document that is written in size 16 Comic Sans.

#4: Include Spoilers

Some advice may suggest that twists, turns and spoilers should be avoided when writing a synopsis, but you must remember that you are not writing for an audience of readers here, you are writing for a commissioning editor. Make yourself stand out, but ensure you include all the relevant information.

15 Sep 2023