Tips for Writing During a Lockdown

Many of us are taking this extra time to work on a book we’ve started, think of new ideas or amend what we have already created.


Here are some of our tips to help the words flow during the lockdown.



Take regular breaks


Make sure you’re not forcing yourself into writing. If you’re not feeling it, take a break. Every few hours, take a breather, get up from your seat and take a walk to another room. You’ll find it hugely helpful; we promise.



Keep hydrated


Drinking water isn’t a myth to be healthy. It really does keep you alert and your brain working at its full capacity. So, make sure you have a bottle or glass of it beside you at all times.



Go for a walk for inspiration


Sometimes just going to other rooms is not enough. Take time once a day to go for a walk with nature, you’ll find new ideas hit you as you go.



Keep reading


Another very important thing to do is to continue reading. Keep your brain alive and inspired. It’s a little like working out, if you stop for a few months you begin to lose muscle.



Take more time to be your own critic


With more time comes more reading of your own work. No-one writes a perfect book without some drafts and proofreads. Make sure to do the same.

27 Apr 2020