Taking critique. Should you?

Just like any creative industry, you get your down-to-earth authors and you get your ego-authors. What we mean by ego is people who believe their works is 100% perfect, which, news flash – no authors, no singer, no publisher basically no person, is 100% perfect. Most can take advice, some can’t. The question is, should authors take critique?


The answer is yes, as long as it’s constructive.


Critique that is just plain mean is not wanted or needed. We’re talking about critique that comes from a good place. E.g. story was great but the pacing was off, the characters were compelling but could have used a further backstory or notes on repetitiveness. These comments are said for a reason.


Everyone has room for improvement and almost everyone who has made it has done it by looking at their work when they’ve finished it and changing it. Best-selling authors have often said that they go through dozens of drafts before even sending it to a publisher.


So, remember this. Everyone has room for improvement, so don’t see yourself as above it. That being said, if someone is asking you to change so much that it starts to lack ‘you’ you don’t have to do it. You’re the driver, they’re Sav nav. They don’t always know the best shortcut, but they mean well as are usually coming from a place of truth.


09 Jun 2020